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Renting – documents a tenant should receive before moving in

The documentation required to be given to you at the time of sign-up differs slightly from state to state. However, the following items are required in Sydney:

  • Information booklet relating to renting in your state
  • Copy of the tenancy agreement
  • Copy of the bond lodgement form
  • Original and copies of the condition report – to be checked, completed and signed, then returned to the office in the required time frame ie: 7 days
  • Receipt for initial rent amount and bond
  • Photocopy of all keys and remote controls, booklets (if any)
  • Emergency contact details for tradespeople 

Your MyProperty Epping portfolio manager will be able to offer you additional information that is applicable to your particular circumstances.


Renting – routine inspection checklist

Your landlord or real estate agent may carry out a periodic inspection of the property to ensure it is being well cared for and any routine repairs are made. This inspection may include the following:

  • The property is being maintained in a clean and tidy condition.
  • The grounds are being maintained in a clean and tidy condition.
  • The property is not being damaged in any way.
  • There are no more than the number of people specified on the tenancy agreement are living at the property.
  • No pets are housed at the property, unless otherwise agreed to.
  • Any maintenance issues identified can be attended to.

A condition report or “inspection report” must be given to all tenants, prior to their moving into any rental premises, but should not be signed at this time. Legislation allows tenants a number of days to check the details completed by the agent/owner on the condition report, to confirm or disagree with those details.

Areas where the tenant does not agree with what is stated on the condition report should be noted on the appropriate section of the document. You must complete the inspection report and return it to the agent/owner within the 7 day period or the condition of the property is deemed to be accurate as at the agent’s completion. If you do need additional assistance, help is also available from various bodies.

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